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Academic paper writing is the procedure of breaking down the ideas and thoughts of the author and making use of the deductive interpretation, third person form viewpoints, and the formal voice. It is solely about what the students think and about the shreds of evidence that will contribute to their studies. Following are some points that students should abide while writing an academic paper:

  1. First, they should commence their paper by introducing the topic. They should try to use the questions about their topic and make use of the facts and figures, define a term related to the topic, or quote a famous work or dialogue on that topic.
  2. Students should also try to state the main idea of the thesis in a very clear way. The thesis statement of the academic paper will comprise of the focus of the essay and will enlighten the reader about the topic of their essay.
  3. They should also use the examples and details which support the claim of their topic in order to make it simpler.
  4. Students should make sure that they use the third person form in their academic paper.
  5. No slangs or colloquialisms should be used while writing an academic paper.

Students who are asked to complete an academic paper encounter a lot of challenges while composing one. Some of those issues related to academic paper writing are as follows:

  1. Some students do not know the ways to write an academic paper.
  2. There are many students who are not able to restate the thesis statement in their academic papers.
  3. Many of them are engaged in their tuitions or extra-curricular activities and thus, they are not able to give time to their academic paper.
  4. With the advancement of technology, students have a bad habit of using the slangs and the text message language and thus, they score low in their academic papers.

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