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Dissertations are one of the lengthiest written academic papers that the students have to submit at the end of their masters’ or Ph.D. course. It can also be the paper that gets the student admission in the masters’ degree. The purpose of the dissertation various from university to university and also from country to country, the Americans consider dissertation as the research project that is drafted at the end of the master’s course, however, the Europeans consider it to be the doctoral paper. The rules, however, remain the same to the dissertation writing irrespective of such opinions and that is the student has to explore the topic on his/her own and gather the relevant information that may enhance the quality of the whole content. The methodologies employed to investigate the subject largely depends on the type of information the students want to include in the chapters. The two types of research methodologies are quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the students can prepare questionnaires to ask the targeted audience or can compare and contrast the information previously researched and written by the researchers. The deadline set for the dissertation is that of three to four months so that the research project submitted is completely informative and fresh.
The students who normally rely on the professors and other tutors to guide them in writing and ease their task of researching information face major difficulties in dissertation writing as the whole burden associated with them are on their shoulders. The topic of the dissertation is not outlined by the students which create the problem in following the structure that is acceptable by the universities and the dissertation examining committee. The chapters often are not placed in the order that they should follow and the examiner takes that as an offense to the rules and guidelines lay down by the educational institution.
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