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College homework is a kind of burden to all the students be it in school or college. Homework are almost daily task that student need to finish and submit within a particular time limit. In order to complete homework in time students fail to revise their daily lessons. Home work has become compulsory because the lecturers feel that it will make students more active plus it will help them to do something new apart from their regular lessons. Well, in the recent times question of will homework be really helpful for the students in their academic life? After surveying it is found by the researchers that everything has got its positive and negative effects. So following are some of the effectiveness of college homework-

  1. Homework helps student to take up responsibilities
  2. It helps them to manage all kind of academic task and also help them to gain experimental trainings
  3. Parents can see what their children are doing in academics life and can help them with the homework
  4. Sometimes students fail to co-operate with the teachers in their respective subjects in that case homework help them to understand and analyse on the particular topic
  5. Never the less it has become essential to raise the education standards.

Last but not the least critics says that it is hinder to the students but after the above reviews it is seen that it is more of help than a hinder.

But it has been seen that every coin has its two sides so does the college homework. With the flow in time, students face lot of challenges. There is huge difference between learning and homework. It is some sort of unqualified relation. For instance if a student belongs to house whose father by his occupation is a farmer and illiterate in that case the student may not be able to complete his task due to lack of knowledge and help. In such case homework is a hinder to him. The short deadlines also prevent the students from submitting the homework on time.
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